Certified Coach

Misty Nodine is a Certified Master Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

As a member of the ICF, Misty works within the ICF Core Competencies for coaching. She coaches under the ICF Code of Ethics.

Experienced in Tech

Prior to coaching, Misty was a software developer, data architect, data scientist and technical lead. Her technical career spanned 20+ years. She is trained in Agile and other software development methodologies.

As a technical leader she has learned to manage and encourage inclusion in her groups. She has learned to listen to and incorporate the varying requirements different parts of an organization have, from the executives to sales and marketing to the developers and analysts.

Misty has an S.B. and S.M. in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Diversity Inspired

Having worked as a woman in technology for decades, Misty has a passion for people who are different and whose good qualities are underutilized due to difficulties with inclusion. Misty has worked with people from many cultures, races, abilities, neurotypes and gender identities. As an older woman in tech she has experienced being on the disadvantaged side of diversity. As a well-educated person she has experienced being on the advantaged side. As a world traveller she has experienced being out of her own culture and trying to bridge a culture gap.