Go beyond just checking the diversity and inclusion box.

Diversity in Nature: An island in the Amazon River with trees expressing all different seasons of the year.
Trees on an Amazon River island are not agreeing about what season it is.

Whether your company is at the beginning of its diversity and inclusion journey or well along the path, we can work with you to co-create plans to take it to the next step.

Neurodiversity: Embracing different ways of thinking.

Different approaches: Baobab tree, which is a succulent, standing tall in the midst of a deciduous forest in Botswana.

Baobab trees are really large succulents. Africans use the Baobab tree for many different things, but they use it in ways that are very different from how they use other trees.

Autistic and other neurodiverse people can bring creativity, attention to detail, methodical work, and many other strengths into a group. We can help you take advantages of the benefits of having a diverse team and help you work through the related group communication and social challenges.