Families are Teams

Gardens with lots of diversity require cultivating but are beautiful to look at.

Families work best when they are well-connected relationally. Working against this is that family members may differ – culturally, neurologically, and biologically – and these differences make it more challenging to connect. How can you connect better across these differences? How can you be more open to family members who have different opinions, cultures and challenges connecting with you? How do you foster respectful family interactions?

Parenting Across the Issues that Divide

A mother lion teaching her cub how to survive.

Connecting with your children can be really challenging. The generational gap is a cultural gap. Adding other diversity challenges such as neurodiversity can make it even harder to connect. If you are a parent, how do you connect with your children when they are very different from you?

In the parenting setting, I am particularly interested in coaching parents who have have struggled with using parenting approaches that center around reward/punishment systems, and are interested in exploring other approaches.