Five insights that changed my view of autism

As I have interacted with increasing numbers of autistic people, much of what I have learned has taken me a bit by surprise. Yet, the effects of my heeding these lessons and working counter to my erroneous instincts in my relationships with my autistic friends, family members and coworkers have been amazing.  Five key issues…

Rethinking Agile in the Light of Diversity and Inclusion: A Retrospective Process

Agile has many good features as a methodology for software development. However, Agile is a methodology authored entirely by western males in an industry dominated by men. Because of this, Agile relies on values, thinking processes, communication practices and working styles that are comfortable for western males but not necessarily aligned with other types of people. It is time to re-examine the Agile Manifesto and its assumptions from a wider set of perspectives for the purpose of improving its support for more diverse development teams.

Conversations about Inclusion

I had such a good conversation with Talentpair this week about my thoughts about inclusion in the workplace, and how to move from building trust to building inclusion to increasing diversity in your company. The writeup is here. Kudos to Talentpair for providing leadership and creativity in the area of recruiting and supporting a diverse…

A colony of Adelie penguins on the Yalour Islands in Antarctica.

We All Need To Do the Work

The ability to sustain diversity in your company and reap the advantages of that diversity requires good inclusion practices to be built into your company culture. An inclusion culture enables a diverse employee group to thrive, and naturally attracts a more diverse job applicant pool.

A heard of giraffes roaming in Zimbabwe.

When You Listen to the Voices of the Non-Speaking

We have a strong but erroneous tendency to equate not being able to speak with lack of intelligence. When a child is growing up and their speech does not develop, we tend to make the assumption that the child is stupid. This is reinforced by the fact that our normal intelligence tests (IQ) tend to…

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